How It Works

A look at the ceremony livestream
Our unique platform is like having a professional director in your corner. You spend five minutes scheduling your ceremony and the Forget Me Not streaming platform will do the rest.
  • Easy to use
  • Set it and forget it
  • Multilingual platform available
  • Service can be viewed on-demand
  • Easy 1-button uploads
  • Digital copies
  • Cloud-based, highly secure, and completely private infrastructure
  • Automatic backup recorded in case of internet outage
  • Family-friendly features including chat, guestbook, contributions, photos



  2. REQUESTED CEREMONY TITLE (chosen by family).
  3. PROGRAM BUTTON. This Is the first interactive element. Guests can click to see the service program that you pass out to your family and visitors attending the live ceremony.
  4. GUESTBOOK BUTTON. Here guests can write words of reflection, share stories, and provide their own information (ex: their location), to show the family how far people are coming from to honor their loved one. The funeral in this example was viewed across two countries, and almost every province.
  5. SHARE BUTTON. This button allows a family to invite everyone instantly.
    1. Via Facebook/Social Media (Private or Public Sharing)
    2. Via Text Message
    3. Via Email
  6. CHAT WINDOW. Located just below the share button. Chat can be disabled, which will make the video screen bigger. Chat window shows who joined the ceremony, and gives guests a chance to connect or share thoughts/feelings.
  7. IMAGE CAROUSEL. Photos scroll continuously. Viewers can click on a photo and see who uploaded it, and read any message the uploader shared. All guests can upload photos, and storage can handle a large selection. Many of the photos in this particular funeral the family didn’t have, or would have never seen. All photos are made available to the family and friends to cherish.
  8. PHOTOS BUTTON. From here guests can upload a precious memory and add a story with it for others to view. Guests are encouraged to add a date, location, and stories associated with each photo.
  9. KEEPSAKES BUTTON. Each family that streams a service gets a FREE photobook (generated with dates, service program, guestbook entries, and photo uploads) (Value $89.99). Other family/friends can create and purchase an AUTO-BOOK or BUILD-A-BOOK here, within minutes. No experience required. Your funeral home logo will be included at the bottom of each page of pictures from the carousel.
  10. CONTRIBUTIONS BUTTON. Optional. Guests have the ability to directly contribute to the family to help with the cost of the funeral.



The registration process for families was created to be simple and quick. It takes approximately 5 minutes to fill out the required fields and host a perfect livestreamed memorial service.

Once registered, the family will receive an automatically generated email. The emails are branded to your funeral home.

Participant registration was also mandated to be simple and quick. All we need is an email address and their first and last names.

The participant registration window is customized to your funeral home branding. An individual only gets access to the page through invitation via the family, or the link provided on your published obituary.



Once registered, we take care of the families by providing a waiting room for the online service. The waiting room is automatically created once you schedule a ceremony in the Forget Me Not Ceremonies platform.

What can the waiting room do for the family?

  • Provide information such as NAME/DATE/TIME information for the service.
  • Allows guests to start adding pictures, sign the guest book, and view the program before the memorial service begins.
  • Choose their preferred language.
  • Look at our ceremony “Tips & Instructions” to ensure they get the most from their online memorial experience.
  • Allow others to contribute to the funeral/family.

The system provides a 10-Minute Reminder.

We want the family’s guests to feel welcome, so our system will automatically send out a reminder link via the email provided during sign-up, for quick access to the ceremony.

In the end, we want your funeral home to be able to create the perfect experience for families and extended guests every time, with little effort.



Our system offers ground-breaking security for pictures and spam. Our global settings ensure we shut out pornography, spam, and prevent guests from uploading pictures containing more than 80% skin content.

Our system is monitored 24/7 and has the ability to update remotely and configure your system without hassle, automatically.

The system is fully cloud-based and stored for 180 days after the service with options to be stored even longer.



We believe providing equipment alone is not enough. We will support you and continue to offer valuable tools while using our product. We’ve taken many variables into consideration: changes of employees, acquiring new locations, refresher training, and more.

We are proud to offer the following services:

  • Local representation (where applicable)
  • Demo video training
  • Live support through our 1-800 number

We also provide a variety of tools to promote your new livestreaming service offerings, including: brochures, “did you know” style signage for your presentation area, and dialogue tracks that will help you easily transition a conversation.

Optional Offering


As a thank you gift for your family choosing to livestream a memorial service they will receive a free photobook, valued at $89.99. With this book they will also receive a packet of Forget Me Not seed, to plant in memory of their loved one.

The book is a compilation of photos provided or uploaded by family, friends, and acquaintances from all over the world. It also includes portions of the online guestbook and the order of service, giving the family many more memories to cherish.

Your funeral home logo will appear on the bottom of each photo page.

The sample book pictured was produced with an entirely automated process – a testament to the variety and ease in which they can be produced.