Live Streaming Memorial Services

Live Streaming a memorial service is about uniting all who brought value to someone’s life. It allows people to pay their respects and show support regardless of life’s obstacles such as finances, travel, age, or health.

Live streaming can bring new moments to light and renew old memories as guests are encouraged to share their own photos and stories – which we keep and store for you.

From connections so small that no one knew about them to the closest connections of all, everyone should have the opportunity to pay respects to a lost loved one, a dear friend, a colleague, or an acquaintance.

To preserve the moments and memories, Forget Me Not Ceremonies will give you the opportunity to put all these treasures into a photobook … to keep and cherish.

Creating a Full Life Story

Imagine all the people in your life’s journey you have crossed paths with.  Take a moment to think of all those connections you have made from work, events, trips, sports, school, and the places you have lived.  Whether the people you met became friends and acquaintances or were family, you have left a mark on each other’s lives as each connection has a story to tell.

Forget Me Not Ceremonies wants to connect all the dots that mark special times in someone’s life.  Our goal is to gather their full story and collect memories from the people who shared in it, regardless if it was a brief connection, a lifelong friend, or close family.

Before and during the ceremony, your guests will be encouraged to easily upload photos, sign a digital guest book, share a story and chat with others reflecting on the person for whom you shared affection.  The memorial service and all the pictures, memories, and stories will be available for you to cherish for as long as you choose. The guests who were present at the physical funeral service will also have 72 hours to log on and contribute to the photobook, guestbook, stories etc.  By including everyone near an

“A Life Should be Remembered by All Who Touched It.”
– Cory Stephens, President


From day one Cory, Jason and Travis have been there for any questions and advice we may have had while implementing and operating the Forget Me Not Live-stream platform … We have had nothing but positive feedback from our families on the quality of the picture and how beneficial all of the features are for their grieving process to be able to include everyone.  [read more]

Funeral Homes

With Live Streaming, you can now connect everyone, so no one within the families you are assisting will have to miss a memorial service again.  We offer a fully automated, backed-up, and secure cloud-based system from one of the top providers in the world, so that you can stay focused on what’s important; the families you help.

This true hands-free system will also allow you to offer your family a stored and recorded memorial service, a new collection of photos from distant guests, signatures and stories, memories, and personal photos collected into a beautiful photobook sent right to their door.

Your Live Streaming guests will have the option to chat, share stories, photos, and connect from anywhere on the planet, granting a full experience that allows for the best ceremony possible. A ceremony that everyone can be a part of – regardless of location.

Finally, Forget Me Not Ceremonies pledges to continue to invest in our R&D (Research & Development) to always offer a superior memorial experience.  We envision virtual ceremonies that go beyond just audio and video capabilities, but ones that immerse your family’s guests into genuinely connecting from afar.

Our Optional Features


Support the ceremony, life legacy and family of the recently passed.


Find a memento that keep them close and in your thoughts to treasure.

Guest Book

Sign the Guest Book and/or share that memory that you don’t have a picture for.

Photo Upload

Share photos, Add a story/comments and spark memories.

Live Chat

Chat in real time to reminisce, ask about picture details or read touching comments left by others.

Photo Book

A collection of gathered pictures, words and reflections to treasure.

Service Program

Be able to follow along by viewing the service program and all it covers.

Security & Storage

Cloud Based and securely stored for 180 days, options available.

Our Team

Cory Stephens


Jason Embleton

Vice President

Travis Avery

Director of Operations