Our Story

Why we developed Forget Me Not Ceremonies

Our Story

Closure is a gift everyone deserves.

Jim, a dear friend of mine through work, had passed unexpectedly. I didn’t see him often, perhaps once a year, but it was like I had seen him yesterday each time we reconnected. Fantastic to be around and personalities that aligned from day one, it was hard to hear that he had passed so suddenly. Despite the 1500 km distance, time or finances (all not in my favor)… my mother was also at the end of her own battle with cancer. Regrettably, I couldn’t be there to pay my respects to a great friend, I needed to be home with her.

Troubled by not being able to attend my friend’s funeral, a thought came to me: “Why couldn’t funeral services be livestreamed on the internet so that people who couldn’t physically attend could still take part?” I felt like this was an obvious answer, and I decided to talk to my mother about the idea. She graciously listened as she always did and told me that she saw the value in my idea. She also said that this was something I should pursue. Sadly, my mother passed away a few weeks later.

In four short weeks I had experienced what it was like to miss a friend’s funeral service, and then to see firsthand who couldn’t make it to my own mother’s funeral for a variety of legitimate reasons.

It was such an eye-opener that my mind returned to the idea of livestreaming. It was a simple, modern answer to the challenges of distance, time, finances, and health conditions that may make it difficult to attend a ceremony in person. It was also an answer for those who prefer to mourn in quiet and solitude.

I am absolutely pleased that we have developed with care, a secure way to help everyone receive closure regarding a life that touched you.

To my mother and to Jimmy – this is for you.

Cory Stephens – President

Also … Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend, Acquaintance, Teammate, Colleague, Traveler, Past Student and all the many things we are to each other in this world.

Closure is a gift everyone deserves.

Cory Stephens


Jason Embleton

Vice President

Travis Avery

Director of Operations

Forget Me Not Ceremonies specializes in providing interactive live streaming software for funeral homes.

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