Why your funeral home should offer Forget Me Not Ceremonies
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For the Family

A life story

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to receive memories and moments, video, pictures, and kind words, all stored in a single easy-to-access place.

Meaningful connection

Forget Me Not Ceremonies is about much more than simply livestreaming a memorial service, it is an interactive virtual ceremony experience.

Always available

Registered services can be revisited whenever the family wishes. Includes the full service and all uploaded photos, guest book signatures, and comments.

Easy invite

Families can easily invite as many guests as they wish, privately or publicly, with little effort.

  • Social Media
  • Text
  • Email

Managed service

Everyone is brought in with care and ease, walking them through every step.

For your Funeral Home

New revenue

  • Generate pre-need leads: Did you know 30-50% of live streams are usually local to the funeral home? Guests can request pre-need information before, during, or after the live stream directly from the Forget Me Not Ceremonies platform.
  • Ceremony Profit: a new service for your families.
  • Remote Service: most funeral homes conduct roughly 50% of their services off-site. That means loss of revenue in many areas. We can help by providing remote managed services for all those guests who can’t make it in person.


The entire platform is branded to your funeral home.

  • Top left-hand corner of the service features your funeral home’s logo.
  • All automated emails arrive on behalf of your funeral home.

Live stream anywhere

We have the ability to help you live stream a funeral service anywhere using our mobile live streaming solution.

Fully Automated

Mere minutes to set up, so you can focus on your family and your business.


The best available security to protect your family’s most precious memories.

Forget Me Not Ceremonies specializes in providing interactive live streaming software for funeral homes.

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